Aphrodisiacs are a kind of food or drink known to improve our sexual drive. Aphrodisiacs as a word is derived from the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture, Aphrodite. But, does food really affect your sexual potency? I believe that and yes, you should too!

Already, in ancient times, it was believed that certain products provided fertility, added energy, vigour and increased sexual activity. People who feel good inside can have the best sexual performance in bed! If you are eating only bad food, you don’t nourish your body and soul. How could you expect a great erotic life and to be the most sexually potent ever?

Natural aphrodisiacs are rich in the fertile substances and vitamins your body needs. They have anti- inflammatory effects and help your body to recover faster. They strengthen the body and stimulate our sex organs by increasing fertility and potency.

You not only should eat them on your romantic dinners, but you should add them to your diet daily. Some of them, like red wine and chocolate, in small amounts and some of them in bigger portions.

Below I will introduce you to some of the greatest and most popular aphrodisiacs to start with:

The power of chocolate and wine

Wine & ChocolateFor centuries, wine was considered a cure for stress because it relaxes the mind and muscles and stimulates the senses. But, if you overdo the intake of it and also of other alcoholic drinks, you only weaken your sex drive and sexual efficiency. Women can have problems with vaginal lubrication and men, with erections. So, do not be so generous with wine for your lover 😉

Chocolate works differently. The drink, made from cocoa seeds, was considered a strong aphrodisiac (preferably taken in high doses). His love power probably owes itself to theobromine, which works just like caffeine. It increases the secretion of neurotransmitters – serotonin, adrenaline and noradrenaline, removes fatigue and improves mood. Now if you want to surprise your sweetheart with a great chocolate dessert, just remember to use good quality cocoa.

Aphrodisiacs stimulate the senses with aromas

Love dishes for ladies had spicy aromas. Especially appreciated was anise, which gently stimulates the body, helps digestion and acts to improve diastolic pressure. Carnations give a very similar fragrance. For centuries, it was used to season hot chocolate and make love potions, such as mulled beer and wine.

PestoCardamom baked with apples in a dough was supposed to help you to win the hearts of your loved one. Similarly cumin, which was once considered a magic herb, was given in a drink. It aroused you and gave you a great feeling.

Another ingredient of love is coriander. It has a specific smell which can work like pheromones. They stimulate and enhance skin sensitivity to touch. Similar power can be had with celery. Celery soup with fresh coriander leaves is a great idea for a lover’s dinner.

Vanilla is considered as one of the strongest aphrodisiacs in Kama Sutra. It’s works best for your delicious desserts but, also can make your meat taste richer if you spice it well.

Basil pasta with tomatoes or pine nuts (well known in pesto sauce) add vigour. Similarly, nutmeg and fennel work like this too. They improve humour and increase sexual energy in men.

Food with phallic shapes

Some natural plant aphrodisiacs have phallic shapes and that is why they are considered as aphrodisiacs.

AsparagusFor example, asparagus not only by shape made so sexy. They contain also nutrients important to boosting your libido. Steamed, dipped in melted butter sauce, lemon juice and capers (They must be eaten with fingers!) are a great love prelude.

Bananas are also evocative. One of the myths says that when Eve and Adam were banished from paradise, they covered themselves with banana leaves and not figs. A dessert sliced ​​along the banana topped with dark chocolate sauce is a sweet treat that no woman will resist.

Cut the figs in half evidently evokes sexual associations. Plus, they are a rich source of potassium.

The romantic menu of lovers is also a sweet and nutritious carrot. Its shape induces some erotic associations. It abounds in vitamins (A, B and C) and minerals. The ancients served carrots with cardamom.

Sweet dessert to make love

Strawberries are great for preparing a light love dessert. You can also add a few almonds, a symbol of fertility. In Mediterranean countries, they are given at weddings and christenings.

Honey is also very useful to make amazing love desserts. In ancient times, it was mixed with herbs and served as a love potion. In Egypt, it was used to treat impotence.

Sesame – Arabic symbol of fertility – contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially zinc. Sesame pasta or halva are great to make your desserts even more arousing.

A powder of lavender, sesame, ginger, carnation and nutmeg is a mixture which increases lust and strengthens the libido. You can add it to some of your great desserts.

These aphrodisiacs examples I hope are enough to be stimulating for you and you will stay with me on this blog to get inspired with recipes and other articles about love. But, the most important reason why you should eat natural aphrodisiacs is your health!  A healthy strong body can help make great performances in bed. However, not only sex is important. Respect, together with love and smiles are the greatest aphrodisiacs ever. I hope you already found your better half and if not, keep looking!

There is somebody who will become your best aphrodisiac ever!

Don’t forget to cook together 😉



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