There are a few great movies or books, that after watching or reading them, you get really hungry! And I don’t mean cookbooks or cooking shows.

One of them is Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love”. It is also a great movie. The book became a bestseller everywhere in the world. The film had even greater success, because the main role was played by the wonderful Julia Roberts. She ate a lot, put on a little weight and …recommends it to everyone!

Why do we like this story so much??

In the film, Julia Roberts played the main character, the author, Elizabeth Gilbert. She shot the scenes boldly and said: “You do not understand what women love about this book: it’s not about spirituality, it’s not about love, but that you CAN eat it all! “. She demanded food on the set in every scene and she made me hungry!!!

Here is a small introduction for those who do not know “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a writer from New York. She wrote this story based on her own experience. She was married but, she couldn’t find herself in this marriage. She decided to take a break leaving for Italy first, to learn how to enjoy good food. Then, on to India to meditate, calm down and reset. After that, she travelled to Indonesia to live her life and she found love.

When Elisabeth left for Rome, she wanted only one thing to satisfy herself: to enjoy food. Italy has a lot to offer such as pasta, Neapolitan pizza and cappuccino. It’s all delicious!!!!

She discovered that Italians are used to saying things like “dolce far niente”. This is ‘the sweetness of doing nothing’, and that means just to be showing joy, even if only from eating.

“These 4 months were very important to me. It was about eating and feeling no fault”

says Gilbert

She wasn’t worried about putting on weight. Elizabeth said that the guy who is in a room with a naked woman has already won a lottery!

Elizabeth sent women a message to not to worry so much about eating. We women should learn to enjoy food, to celebrate it. It’s now a greater pleasure to eat spaghetti! There is a scene when Julia Roberts is enjoying her spaghetti arrabbiata. My Gosh she made me so hungry! Directly, after this film, I started to cook my hot spaghetti. So simple, yet so tasty! Check out my last post.

To eat, pray and love is to celebrate the body, the spirit and the human need for relationships. 

Could there be three things more fundamental?  In fact, one could probably summarize all human goals in life in those three points.

We do not need to eat gourmet food in Italy, we do not necessarily need to pray to any god or gods, and we do not need to go as far as Indonesia to find love.  But most of the time we do need to honour and nourish our bodies. 

What we do need is to pray — to focus, at least occasionally, on that for which we yearn and that for which we are deeply grateful.  And we all need to love, both to give it and to get it.

You may not need either the book or the film version of Eat, Pray, Love, and we certainly don’t need to buy into its notion that spiritual journeys require exotic travel. 

But, we could all use a good meal, a bit more awareness, and a little more love.  That is the stuff of genuine spirituality, wherever and however we may find it.

Did you enjoy watching this film “Eat Pray Love”? Did you enjoy reading the book? Do you know any other film which made you hungry? Or maybe a book? I am curious about your answers!

Let me know in comments below. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your meals!

You can watch this film here:

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