Hi there!

My name is Magdalena Hyla and I’m excited to welcome you onto this artsy website!

I work as a visual artist/ painter and it would be my privilege if I could paint something for you!

For instance, my favourite style I am using  is acrylic painting but also love to mix different styles. I’m always open to learn new techniques. It’s exciting to mix new genres, methods, patterns, or play with colour combinations. You name it.

In addition, many of my paintings have earned wide appreciation and they are already in private collections in Germany, Poland, the USA, Spain, Holland, Switzerland and in Canada.

In conclusion, I do not have any preferred motives as I enjoy combining the unexpected. Love to show emotion through contrasting colours while playing with reality and fiction.

I want you to feel joy and hope when you look at my variety of artwork.  Art is for me like therapy: to express some deep emotions, even sadness, but on the end, there is always happiness.

But it’s not only art!

However, though painting plays a big role in my life, it’s only one of my passions, along with writing, creating new things from old ones or cooking! If I think about cooking as another passion, it’s not just simple traditional cooking. I like to mix different cultures and tastes.  You can see it in my cookbook, ‘Playcook: Cooking with Aphrodisiacs’. (To be found on Amazon).

How it all started

I left my Polish hometown to settle in Germany in 2012 and I am currently based in Düsseldorf. My painting adventure started surprisingly with cooking and my love of beautiful, unique things. I’m proud I could engage talented individuals to help me with my first ever cookbook as I dreamed about this book long before I could find my team! We got beautiful photos of beautiful women, eating food I personally created and It was great experience, but I still felt hungry. Some of my ideas couldn’t be described with words, so I needed to paint them. I didn’t know I could paint but I felt that I must. My first ever painting was a beautiful, half-naked woman. I hung it on my wall, then a few weeks after that someone asked if I would sell it. This repeated itself every time that I painted something. Therefore, I realized that this passion was in my heart long before I had even known it.

I’m totally into how to make a good feeling through food, know a somethings on how to stay positive and how to paint too.


My vision is that every time you are on this site, or you look at one of my paintings, you will be a little bit happier, more inspired than before. So that you might carry a little smile on your lips, go through your day with more ease and be filled with joy.

I’m also looking forward to your input. Let’s share things that give us “positive vibes.” Let’s start the happy movement together.

Above all, I’m looking forward to a lot of sunshine, which we gather here in search of happiness!




Hotel Renaissance Düsseldorf, 2017

Ramiarnia Gallery, Opole, Poland, 2020, 2021


Séparée No. 18, 2018


Kunst-Online 06, 2021, 3 Place


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